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We are in the news again on the Milton Keynes Citizen

Over 30 of the Dealers from the now closed Woburn Abbey Antiques Centre have banded together to form The Antiques Association in a fabulous five storey Georgian townhouse at Market Place in the village of Woburn.

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Finely cast Oriental Buddha

Gilt metal Buddha, finely cast, from the Far East.

LO                                         £695.00



                                                                                    Japanese Hina dolls C1930-50

Japanese hand-painted Hina dolls.   Hina dolls were and still are brought out to celebrate Childhood in Japan

DM                                                               £58 to £138 for set of three





                                               Chinese Root carvings

 Chinese hard wood root carvings from C1910 alongside a bronze figure of a water carrier

DM                                                                                              from £135 upwards

Pair Japanese Bronze Geishas


From the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912), a pair of Bronze figures of dancing Geishas

JM                                                                £3200.00




Antique Chinese carved pendant


Antique Chinese carved pendant suspended from a dragon shaped hook, continuous chain loops ending with a carving of a couple in a garden and a dancing boy to the reverse.   Beneath this carving are 2 Buddha's citrons amid buds and a peony.   C1890
JD                                                         £450.00



A very finely carved figure of a lion on ebony stand, the eyes are made from mother of pearl.   Japanese late 19th Century

JM                                                            £870.00






Japanese cloisonne vase known as plique ajour, which is cloisonne with the copper lining carefully and meticulously dissolved to allow the whole object to become see through.   C1910

DM                                                              £68.00


A Chinese cup and saucer "Canton" from the 19th Century

GC                                                              £110.00


A pair of Chinese metal vases with serpents twisting around the neck of each vase.   Signed.

GC                                                                        £140.00


Pair of small Imari vases from the Meiji period

AM                                                £40.00


Small fluted Imari vase from the Meiji period.   Has a small hairline crack to the rim.

AM                                                              £20.00


Imari fluted balloon vase from the Meiji period.

AM                                               £25.00


Imari fluted shell dish depicting coy carp in the centre Meiji period.  small hairline crack

AM                                                                       £25.00


Imari open bowl of medium size from the Meiji period

AM                                                          £40.00


Japanese Imari vase.   Small hairline crack to rim.

LR                                                        £30.00


Japanese swuat shaped Imari vase from the Meiji period.   It has a repair to the rim

AM                                                                            £30.00



Small Japanese Imari fluted lidded vase from the Meiji period.   It has a chip to the base of the cover.

AM                                                                                                  £25.00




Miniature Japanese Imari vase minus the lid.   Meiji period.

AM                                                           £20.00



C1890 Japanese Imari plate with petal shaped edge.

LR                                                           £65.00


Japanese Imari tazza of good size..   C1910


Kanji - Japanese calligraphy brushes to use with Sumi (black ink)

AM                                                            £75.00 each


Imari vase with raised dragon decoration.   Meiji period 1850 - 1910

AM                                                                           £60.00


Imari charger from the Meiji period (1850 - 1910) with a pie crust edge.   Chip on the rim

AM                                                                                 £38.00




Imari dish and cover from the Meiji Period.   (hairline crack to base)

AM                                                                 £40.00


A 19th century Imari vase in the form of a well.   Japanese

LR                                                               £135.00



A small oval fluted dish, Imari, from the Meiji period

AM                                                                   £25.00         


A Japanese Imari charger hand painted in red and black

NM                                                                 £55.00


Imari fluted vase from the Meiji period 1850 - 1910

AM                                                      £30.00


A pair of Imari lidded vases/jars from the Meiji period.

AM                                                        £100.00 


Kutani ceramic Figure of Monjushiri seated on a tiered lotus throne in balance and contemplation.  C19th

JD                                                                              £350.00




Pair of Japanese cloisonne vases in fine original condition.   C1900.   Most likely from the Inaba Company in Kyoto

JD                                                                                                                                £600.00


A Chinese cup and saucer "Canton" from the 19th Century

GC                                                              £110.00


Chinese Ivory snuff bottle.   Canton carved in the design of a double gourd covered with trailing climber and flowers.   C1880

JD                                                                                      £625.00


Chinese bronze censor in the Ming style.   The body is of superb weight and has a fine rich patina.   18th to 19th Century.

JD                                                                                                           £800.00


Chinese ivory Canton carved card case.   Carved with scenes and flowers on both sides.   C1890 - 1910

JD                                                                           £680.00



Pair of Japanese Bronze Koro (censors) in rectangular form with lion dog finials.   C1910

JD                                                                              £750.00 pair


Chinese beakers on stands fashioned from Spinach Jade.   C19th/20th 

JD                                                                    £385.00


C18th Chinese Imari export tankard from the Kanqxi period c.1700 - 1720

JD                                                                                    £125.00






Chinese C18th "Imari" charger from the Kanqxi period C1700 - 1720

JD                                                                      £145.00


C18th Chinese octagonal plate in the "Imari" style.   Kanqxi period C1700 - 1720


Chinese Gilt Bronze censor from the Republican period.

JD                                                             £350.00


Samson Et Cie "Chinese" bowl in superb condition C1850.

JD                                                      £350.00


Chinese Bronze censor in cylindrical form with elephant head feet.   Late 19th Century to Republican period

JD                                                                                 £450.00


Chinese Bronze incense holders in the form of extended double gourds.   Birds in foliage also feature.

Fine condition 1st Republican period.

JD                                                             £140.00




Pair of Chinese Dogs of Fo with intense turquoise glaze.

Good condition.   Probably 1920 

JD                                                      £78.00




Chinese Famille Rose ceramic cylindrical box with the design of the newly Independant United States of America.   Late 18th century.   This is a rare example.

JD                                                            £420.00



Chinese provincial Anamese bowl from the transitional period.   C1500

JD                                                              £200.00



Japanese carving "Clam's Dream".   Signed to the base in Gyosho style characters "Seigyoku", a recognized and collected ivory artist of okimono and nesuke.   In original condition with original stand.   Meiji period C1900.





Chinese Gilt Bronze censor  in the classic Ming form on three feet.   Late 19th/early 20th Century

JD                                                                                       £140.00


Japanese cloisonne enamel circular bos with dragon decoration.

Taisho period C1920

JD                                                                   £130.00


Japanese cloisonne lidded enamel box from the Taisho period.   C1920

JD                                                                    £130.00


Majolica "Chinaman" teapot inspired  by the Minton's model but unmarked.   Good condition.   C19th.

JD                                                                                        £150.00


Vizagapatam tea caddy in Sandalwood and carved with Elephant and Mongoose.   Has Abalone chips and ivory edges.   The interior has zinc lined chamber and lid.   C1900 - 1910

JD                                                                        £650.00


Japanese bronze depicting a cat and dog.   Late Meiji period.   C1905.   With stand

JD                                                                        £2200.00




Rare early example of a pair of ivory compound figures made for the tourist trade.   1934.

ND                                                                            £75.00


Antique Chinese Bronze/Jadite bowl


Chinese Bronze jadite bowl.   The exterior has four double characters denoting longevity, happiness, prosperity and obediance.
JHD                                                                    £210.00



Lapis Lazuli figure of Tara


Carved figure in variegated blue and white stone portraying Tara, wearing loose robes, bejewelled necklace, armbands and scrolled diadem retaining the hair.    The figure is sitting atop outward facing lions.  Probably late C18th/C19th
JD                                                 £1450.00



Chinese "Imperial" yellow censor Ding


Chinese censor in yellow with pierced lid, double handles and short legs.   The base has an impressed four character mark for the Emperor Qianlong (1736 - 1795).  
JD                                    £450.00



Chinese "Wanli" Ming bowl


Chinese Ming bowl (Wanli) decorated with deer within foliage and landscape including peach tree and scholar's rock.   1573 - 1619

JD                                                          £275.00


Chinese puzzle ball & stand


Chinese puzzle ball and stand.   Eight concentrically carved, tiered balls, the outer with dragons and phoenix design.   C1890
JD                                                                 £600.00




Chinese Ruyi form sceptre


Antique Chinese Ruyi form sceptre intended as a marriage gift and for blessing the home
JD                                                                               £250.00



Antique Chinese Bronze scroll weights


Antique Chinese Bronze scroll weights, a necessary accessory for the scholar's desk.   Depicting a musician and attendant within a landscape.   Late 19th Century

JD                                                           £350.00                    SOLD



Antique Chinese Gilt Bronze Dogs of Fo


Pair of antique Chinese Gilt Bronze Dogs of Fo on pedestal bases.   Representing Ying/Yang balance in harmony.   Probably late Ming period.
JD                                                                      £550.00


Chinese Celadon brush washer


Chinese Celadon brush washer in the form of a peach, the fruit of the immortals.   Impressed four character mark on base 1736 - 1795
JHD                                                                                   £550.00



Antique Japanese Bronze of Baku


Japanese Bronze Okimono of Baku, the mythical beast of an elephant.   C1825 - 1870.   Cast with inserts of gold highlights.
JHD                                                               £250.00



Antique Chinese figure of LaoTzu in Gilt Bronze 


Gilt Bronze figure of Lao Tzu from China.   Lao Tzu was regarded as the earliest teacher and writer of Daoism.   Late Ming period
JHD                                                                   £650.00



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