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AA Back In The News!

We are in the news again on the Milton Keynes Citizen

Over 30 of the Dealers from the now closed Woburn Abbey Antiques Centre have banded together to form The Antiques Association in a fabulous five storey Georgian townhouse at Market Place in the village of Woburn.

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Oil on Canvass in the style of John Bagnold Burgess

"Portrait of a Lady" English School, style of John Bagnold Burgess, 1830 - 1897, a painter of Spanish genre.   30 by 25 inches    NL     £2850.00




"Young girl in contemplation" oil on canvas

C19th oil on canvas in original frame depicting a young girl in contemplation.   From a country house sale - Brancaster Hall, Norfolk

NM                                                                               £1050.00

Mother Superior portrait


An oil on canvas portrait of 9th Mother Superior.   C1880
DM                                                                £680.00

Oil on canvas by Hilda Montalba 1850 - 1919.  Titled Blue & White & Copper.   Signed and dated.   29 x 18 inches

NL                                                                 £1450.00 



Oil on canvas, signed, inscribed verso by William A. Newman titled "Nottinghamshire Harvest".   8 x 12 inches



"Street scene in Northern France" by Alfred Montague, RBA exhibited 1833-1883.  Signed Oil on Canvas 18 x 14 inches

NL                                                                           £3950.00


"A Street in Dinan, Brittany" by John Mulcaster Carrick 1833 - 1896.   Regular exhibitor of fine quality town scenes.   His father was a miniaturist.   Oil on board.  10 by 7 inches signed and dated 1885.   £2250.00



James Noble British artist 1919 - 1989.   "Delicate pink rose in full bloom".   Oil on canvas.   Signed.   15 inches tall by 13 inches wide.   £1200.00



"Old Houses in Dol, Brittany" by John Mulcaster Carrick.   Oil on canvas 8 by 10 inches.   Signed and dated 1884.   £1650.00



"A Tranquil French landscape" by Ernest Parton, R.O I. American: 1845-1933

Oil on canvas 27"x 36" inches. Signed and dated 1880. £4,500.00


tran French Pic

The Musician by John S Sanderson Wells, RI., 1872-1955

Oil on board 8" x 13"inches. Signed by the artist.  £1650.00


Musician pic

" A Northern Landscape" by Thomas Yarwood who flourished between 1889-1904

Oil on canvas 10" x 14" inches. £895.00


Northern land pic

" Circle of Philippe Mercier" (1689-1760)

Children making music and playing with a puppy within an open landscape.

Oil on canvas. W 63cm x H 42cm. Circa 1730.  £1,100.00 


Circle mercier pic

Fishing Boats Going Out by Richard Wane, 1852-1904

Oil on canvas 12" x 20" inches. Signed by the artist.  £875.00


Fishing going out

An oil on board signed by E. Aubrey Hunt 1855 - 1922 entitled "Fisherman returned".  15 inches by 12 inches is the overall size including the frame.  GC   £890.00


An oil on panel by Edward Hassell R.B.A. who flourished 1830-52 and was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Society, R.A. and B.I.   It is 18 inches by 16 inches and bears old label verso.   Entitled "Street Scene, Honfleur, Normandy".  £2250.00     NL


A signed oil on board by Richard Foster who was born in 1945.   Titled "On the Arno, Florence.   £900.00   GC


An oil on canvas by Tom Coates who was born in 1941.   Signed and titled "Horse and cart".   £1200.00   GC


Early 19th century oil on canvas from the English School

GC                                                                  £350.00




"At Porlock Weir" by Alec Carruthers Gould 1870 - 1948.  Oil on board. Popular painter of landscapes and figurative scenes who exhibited prolifically in London and elsewhere.   10.5 x 13.5 inches signed and inscribed verso.

NL                                                                                    £1425.00


"Springtime at Mariners Coomb, Porlock Weir" by Alec Carruthers Gould, 1870 - 1948.   Oil on Board.   10.5 x 13.5 inches signed and inscribed.

NL                                                                                  £1425.00


"Best of Friends" by Samuel John Carter, 1835 - 1892.  Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1853, 21 by 28 inches, original frame.

Norfolk painter specialising in animals and sporting scenes, particularly dogs and puppies.   Father of Howard - Tutenkhamun fame. 

NL                                                                     £4500.00


Oil on canvas by James Poole, 1804 - 1886, titled "Near Capel Curig, North Wales.   Inscribed title verso.  32 inches tondo

Painter of impressive mountain and moorland landscapes on a large scale, mainly in North Wales.

NL                                                                             £4250.00


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